Hue – Vietnam

Only a short stay, only two nights, but also a guided day out and a visit to a Zombie Waterpark…

I really liked the feel in Hue, it could be that Laura and I got a night out without the kids -date night!  We found a lovely spot at an outside table to have a lovely meal. cocktails and enjoy people watching the very drunk and happy locals at the bar across the road.  Great night.

Our main experiences were the guided tour around the local temples, the Marble Mountains and the Citadel.  All of it was great however I think the Citadel and the Marble Mountains stood out.

The Citadel was just vast and it was really interesting to learn about the different Emperors and their way of life.  After all this learning the kids loved dressing up in traditional outfits.

Marble Mountains were just amazing, however (as usual) I was very worried about the steps to the top.  Much relief was had on spotting the glass lift.  The views were wonderful but the highlight was the various temples in the caves with the Big Buddha statue in one of the caves really standing out.

Despite all this culture the adults and kids alike have only one favourite memory from Hue, the waterpark.  I have no idea how Laura found out about it but we visited an abandoned water park.  We all agreed it was perfect for a Zombie movie!