South Africa: Sibuya Game Reserve part one

The Beginning of Sibuya 

We were getting onto the motor boat that was going to take us to are first stop, Sibuya Game Reserve.  I was extremely exited but sadly I was half asleep!

As the boat started picking up speed I finally started waking up.  The ride was amazing  (and really fast) but it still took us a hour to get there because the Game Reserve was in the middle of know were.

Finally we got there, it was amazing  and we got shown to our tent/room it was a lot bigger than a usual tent and square but made out of tent fabrics.  The sun shone onto my face making me sweat again but we did not have time to have fun in the room because we had a night game dive in 30 minutes.

So I sliped my jumper on because it got very cold at night, Scott our game driver told us that the night before it got down to 4 degrees. So after all that I headed out and found a bowl of biscuits, I helped myself to one and waited for the others.  After a few minutes, every body was there, there were 10 tourists and 2 staff: Scott and Miles.

We were about to leave when they told us to bring a poncho just in case it rained.  Scot said that today we were going to try and find the Elephants 🐘 so we got on our way .  I started seeing Imparlers  the moment we got driving , although Scott called them McDonald’s because they were on every corner and fast food for the Lions 🦁.  We all found that very funny.  So we kept on driving for about an other hour and still no Elephants although we did nearly drive off the cliff several times and and we saw lots more MacDonald’s.

After another half hour of searching we gave up and Scott promised that we would find some tomorrow and we would also go see the Lions 🦁.