South Africa

The Airport

As I stepped of the plane, the South African air filled my lungs and it was so warm (I was sweating in minutes) it must have been at least 30 degrees and there was no aircon! I almost died of overheating, by the end it looked like I had just been in the šŸšæ and not bothered to get dry and just put clothes on. But after about an hour we got through immigration.

After all that we went to the airport lounge and waited for our flight to Port Elizabeth . In this time I facetimed Harry several times šŸ˜‰ . I also filled my self up on food šŸ„˜ because it was free.

After a few hours, we needed to go down to the terminal. It took us a while to get to the terminal because we kept getting lost, after 10 minutes of shouting and frustration we finally got there, but Scarlett was so hot and she was demanding a drink of water šŸ’¦ so daddy went on a search he came back with a bottle of water and a very amusing story.

Dad told us that he had accidently walked out of the airport and had to beg the police šŸ‘® Man to let him in and finally he did. It was lucky because the minute he got back we started to board the plane.

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