My Super Adventure

The Leaving Ceremony

As we were getting onto the speedy train 🚂 a shiver came down my spine like someone was stepping onto my grave.  For the first time it hit me, we were actually going away.  I started to get nervous but the train was about to leave so I gave Oma a final hug and stepped onto the train.

As the train pulled away I frantically waved at Oma, it would be six months until I saw her again.  As the train turned the corner I made for my seat 💺.

2 hours later we finally pulled into London Kings Cross, I would later find out that by Australian 🇦🇺 standards this was just a trip to the pub next door 🚪.  As I stepped of the train my back ached and I felt lonely already even though I had only been gone a few hours, it felt like forever. I was looking forward to when I got to the hotel room and could FaceTime Harry.

After a while, we got into the hotel room and changed.  There were a few restaurants  and bars in the end we ended up in a grotty Irish 🍀 bar which I plainly disliked.  The menu was pants, it was very busy and full of people.

In the morning, we went to go for a leisurely swim which turned out to be the second lesson of our trip, as we did 6 pages of our work books when we got up, it was hard but fun all the same.

When we got back to the room Mum told us to hurry up and that the taxi to take us to the airport would be here soon.  So we slipped some comfortable clothes on and went down to the lobby where our luggage was waiting for us.  The taxi  was waiting at the front and I got in, Mum told me to budge up so she could get in.

We were off!




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