Our second country was Zambia, I feel a little like a cheat in saying we visited as we only went to our hotel near Livingstone and Victoria Falls.  However I can honestly say we will be back (we might have to save for a while, as it was very expensive compared to South Africa).

Livingstone is the only place in Zambia that retains its colonial name in recognition of Livingstone’s positive influence on the country. The town buildings are still from the colonial era and are protected.  It looks a bit surreal.

We were very privileged to be staying in a hotel in the Victoria Falls national park, with only a two minute walk to the falls; which did kind of make our prepaid guided tour kind of the falls pointless (imagine it – we all get into a 7-seater van excited for our trip to the falls…the driver pulls out the hotel…rounds a corners…and parks!  So funny! We must have looked right plonkers!!!).

The kids favourite thing wasn’t the falls however but the resident monkeys and zebras that hung around the rooms and grazed by the pool!

The falls were just spectacular and enormous, especially vast as we were seeing them in the wet season.  The splash from the falls bounces up and then falls down, like a heavy tropical rainstorm.  You get wet from all directions!  With the hotel so near a little water was a small price to pay for the views, the immense sound of gushing water and the vastness.  Truly one of the most breathtaking sights I have seen.

I also followed the kids advice from the morning and went in the afternoon without a waterproof to enjoy the freedom of just getting wet!  I wasn’t the only one, as a group of excited Zambian girls were enjoying dancing in the waterfall rain also.

In the evening we took a sunset cruise up the Zambizie.  The evening was great with new friends made for us and the kids (Scot, South African and American) but what topped it off was the amazing sight of the Hippos in the water.  So graceful and beautiful playing in the water.  Wonderful.

Xander and Scarlett did find it funny that mummy just couldn’t cope with the banter from the market traders.  I get stressed with sedate english shop assistants, imagine my horror at being talked to by all of them, encouraged to buy and touch it all.  You can see me now can’t you, cringing and trying to hide behind Max!

Enjoy the photos, I like the one of our personal coach transfer back to the airport…




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