Hong Kong

After meeting Laura at the baggage reclaim we had an evening, then two full days in Hong Kong.  The first evening was spent in Soho for dinner and drinks.  After South Africa, Zambia, and Singapore – its was bloody freezing! Not sure if it was just the cold but none of us took to Hong Kong that well.  Xander found it all very intense and uncomfortable.

On waking up it became apparent that one of the fatal flaws in doing “as Laura does”  is I am just not as organised (understatement of the year).  This resulted in no breakfast for the Leightons.  Laura however loved her pork dumplings and even managed to smuggle out some goodies for the kids.

A trip on a local bus to the hill top to see the views an then back down on the victoria tram was planned.  It was however extremely disappointing that all you could see from the top was grey cloud!!!  We consoled ourselves with a visit to the trick-eye museum so we could at least take some souvenir photos.  Very silly but fabulous fun.  I usually avoid the camera as much as possible but even I got caught up in the fun.

Lunch was at……drum roll please….Maxims Palace! If you find that funny it was nothing to the staff who couldn’t stop giggling when Max explained why we were there.  We may have only picked it for the name but it was lovely.  Traditional Dim Sum brought round on trolleys.

More electronic browsing (as Max spied an Apple store) was followed by a short rest then onto Times Square for dinner.  Slightly embarrassed to say we ended up at Jamie’s Italian as the kids were a little tired and cranky.  Ok, not just the kids…

DISNEY BABY!!!!  I may hate rides but I just love the atmosphere at theme parks.  After a suitable lecture to all going that my fun would be ruined it anyone even mentioned my name and any rides I was all set. A lovely day at a park just the right size for a day visit.  I even when on the BuzzLightYear ride (although Scarlett killed more than me :() and the Misty Castle ride.  The highlight was the parade in the evening, everyone love neon lights.

Still not sure Hong Kong is my favourite place,  but it is amazing – from the bamboo scaffolding, the matching taxis, the sheer “fullness” of the place.

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