South Africa – the missing bits

I’ve already done my farewell to South Africa post but I still have our adventures from the rest of South Africa to post.  We had an amazing time travelling from Sibuya along the Garden Route to Cape Town.  We stayed for two nights in Storms River Tsitsikamma, Knysna, Mountains Inn near Mossel Bay and Berluda Farm near Ouitshorn with a final long drive to Cape Town then a four day stay.

All the drive was lovely, all scenery beautiful.  The first highlight was the walk up the river at Storms River.  Lots of scrambling making us hot, which justified our little skinny dip in one of the many river pools.  It was to be expected with a walk called Striptease Trail! We encountered a pizza restaurant that couldn’t serve pizza as they had no cheese ?!?! And a lovely afrikaans gentleman who wanted to talk rugby given Xan’s Lions shirt.  We managed to avoid the scary zipline and treetop walk Scarlett wanted to do (theme of the adventure is becoming Scarlett’s fearlessness!).

On the drive to Knysna we stopped at a wonderful beach we could see from the road at Plattenberg Bay.  Lovely morning “jumping waves” – at least Xander seemed to have finally got over his immediate fear of being eaten by a shark (as constant topic of conversation) and talking to a lovely lady who finally explained the weird lines on the roads that could be a hard shoulder or a basic duel carriage way.  Somehow I was convinced to go on a downhill scooter trip, look for the photos of me looking terrified.  Again shown up by my two children who loved it.

The drive to our next destination, Mountains Inn, proved to be interesting when my poor sat nav skills (combined with a actual poor sat nav!) led us onto an unmarked road…Max would have loved it in Marilyn but the poor hire car was not happy to be on a dirt track for quite so many kilometres.   Mountains Inn, although much further from Mossel Bay than we thought, was just beautiful especially from the mountain top on horseback!

The next stop was further inland at Berluda Farm in the heart of the Ostrich farming region.  Yep, I made Max go on the farm tour much to his disgust.  I thought he would have been excited to see where his breakfast eggs & sausages and dinner steak came from (pmsl!!!).  We did fit in a little vineyard visit which we thought would be the first of many but sadly we jut couldn’t find the time to fit another in.  Max had another “missing my Landy” moment when we went on a mountain pass.  The views were just stunning and we met a lovely man who had been travelling through Africa on his own for three years!

Whilst here we visited the Cango Caves and Scarlett finally got her zipline adventure!  As all those who know me well we have guessed, I was the only one not to brave it!!!!!


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