Leaving South Africa

I can’t believe I’m sitting in the airport lounge awaiting our flight to Zambia, first leg over and done with, first country visited. South Africa has been amazing and nothing like I imagined.  The people are lovely, the countryside beautiful and although I’m sure like all countries they have their crime – we’ve seen no trouble. 

We have done 3 nights on a game reserve in ultimate rustic luxury, 2 nights in storms river (Tsisikamma) in a wooden lodge (dated but nice), 2 nights in Knysna in a small holiday home (kids on a sofa bed for first time), 2 nights in Mountains Inn (amazing holiday house with mountain views) in land from Mossel Bay, 2 nights at Berluda Farm (ostrich farm!) and finally 4 nights in Cape Town at lovely camps bay apartments.

My main feeling (and I suspect this may be repeated) is one of lack of time.  I feel we have only just scratched the surface of this wonderful country.  We saw animals, met lovely people, experienced breath taking views and I even skinny dipped in a mountain steam 😱. 

The country isn’t without its issues, as was evidenced by the lack of black faces sitting when we ate out, there but always serving.  It was pleasing to see this wasn’t the case in a Cape Town.  I just hope South Africa continues to develop and readjust peacefully and that President Zuma continues in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps rather than moving toward Mugabe.  

All in all an amazing place.  I have every intention of coming back, next time for longer!

2 thoughts on “Leaving South Africa

  1. Hi Leigh,

    This is a nice take on Cape Town, it’s somewhere I really enjoyed too. It is also somewhere I’ve been meaning to write on for while. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip of Africa, and be Safe. 🙂


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