The first leg of the first leg…

Well, we are sitting in an airport lounge in Johannesburg waiting for the connection to Port Elisabeth.   The airport lounge passes were definitely a good idea, with us already enjoying the one in Heathrow (which even had sleep pods!) and now here with kids loving the snacks, drinks and wifi ( Xander messaging friends and Scarlett already writing to her class). Flight was very uneventful, we all watched movies and did colouring it’s just the sleep that was hard to come by.  

Jo’berg airport hasn’t been a great sucess, it has taken two hours to disembark from one plane, go through immigration, collect our bags and then check-in for the next flight and go through security again – all with no aircon. Everyone is very tired but cheered up now we are in the lounge.  

Next steps, flight to Port Elisabeth, collected hire car, drive 1.5hrs to Kenton-on-Sea, then park up and get boat the last few kilometres to Sibuya Game Reserve.  Looking forward to the first glass of wine (if I can stay awake).

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